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3 Common Types of Parasol Bases

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A parasol base is not only a simple tool to hold your parasol, but also a versatile item as it can be made from different materials with various shapes and designs. Parasol bases can be used in family gardens, cafes, schools, parks and scenic spots.

There are three common types of parasol bases, and their names reveal the main materials they are made from.

Granite Base

Granite is a natural stone with different patterns and colors. The time-tested patterns and colors make granite a popular decorative material for construction and crafts. It can fit both traditional and modern styles. In addition, granite is hard and abrasion-resistant, able to withstand impacts and shocks.

imageimage (1)

Chardina offers two classical colors for your granite base:


Concrete Bases

Concrete is a common construction material with many advantages:

1) longevity and resilience

2) durable in any environment

3) a material that doesn't burn, rust, or rot

4) hardly need maintenance

5) 100 % recyclable

image (2)image (3)

Water & Sand Fillable Bases

This parasol base is a base that can be easily open to fill with water and sand. The weight of this type of parasol base is adjustable. Thus, it is easy to move as you can pour the fillings out to reduce the weight.

image (4)image (5)

Chardina provides customized parasol bases, including colors, shapes and sizes

The shapes for your bases:

Granite Base

image (6)image (7)image (8)

Concrete Bases

image (9)image (10)image (11)image (12)image (13)

Water & Sand Fillable Bases

image (14)image (15)image (16)image (17)

If you are planning to match for your parasol, don't hesitate to consult us! We are happy to offer you the best solution.




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