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Why do we need parasols?

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Parasols or gardening parasols are ideal sun shields for any outside area. We employ exterior fabrics that are UV coated, moisture resistant, and thus do not stretch or shrink in humid environments.





Parasols are an incredible asset to every patio, garden, balcony, or terrace because they provide the comfort of cover that most of us need during the hottest summer periods. Selecting the perfect garden parasols or evading the poor could be a minefield with several kinds in the marketplace.


You'll need the most incredible patio parasol for your prized outdoor space if you want sufficient shade, protection, and safety. Check out our product suggestions and shopping advice for the ideal parasol.


Factors to consider when buying?

Table parasols should only be used on flat patios

A hole mainly in the center of most patio tables is designed to retain a table parasol.A table parasol on a robust stand can't be moved lightly, and it needs to be absolutely level to avoid wobbling. Table parasols are best suited for flat patios, vast deck areas, swimming areas, or other heavily developed places.


Push-up Garden Parasol 

Push-up Garden Parasol


Take into account mobile shading

For everyone's yard safety, unsupported parasols work nicely. They're perfect for gardens with a lot of space. Because the level surface isn't as crucial as it would be with table parasols, you can quickly put them right on or on the patio or the grass.


The majority of portable freestanding parasols employ a screw-in technique (much like how a Xmas tree is put together); thus, additional equipment is rarely required. Fixed unsupported installations, which necessitate screwing a frame to a house wall, are also available.


Invest in a patio parasol that is bigger than your seating area

Patio parasols are a few feet broader than your table or spot in which you're seated and will provide adequate shade. Many patio parasols measure 9feet wide and accommodate 6 to 7 feet in diameter tables. More enormous parasols are required for extra-large settings.


If you need an parasol for one individual or a side table, 6-1/2 feet will suffice. However, overall, bigger is better.


Select a Long-Lasting Fabric for External Usage

Patio parasol textiles should be light, robust, stain-resistant, and simple to fold. Although this is a tall task, many materials can do it. Different fabrics have different advantages, you can choose the fabric you need according to your needs.


Customizable Shade with a self - adjusting parasol

Aluminum Tilting Garden Parasol 

Aluminum Tilting Garden Parasol


A tilted parasol can also be adjusted to block UV lights from a certain angle. Utilize a tilted patio parasol when you utilize your patio late in the evening or early in the morning when the sun is up in the sky. They're incredibly beneficial in open areas when there are no neighboring houses to provide additional shade.


Meteorological Conditions to Take into account

Aluminum is moisture resistant, but it's much more susceptible to severe winds due to a complete lack of elasticity. It's better to fold your parasol when not used and uninstall it totally when a storm is approaching.


Choose a Cantilever parasol if you have a spacious patio

Deluxe Square Cantilever Parasol 

Deluxe Square Cantilever Parasol


You will most likely have to have a cantilevered patio parasol when you own a huge patio seating arrangement with many seats or an exterior bar that requires a lot of covers. These spread out across a broad region without obstructing traffic. They are often more costly than a standard table parasol; however certain varieties are more reasonable.


Where can I get the best parasol and base?

You can purchase a parasol & base independently or perhaps as a whole set. You should think about the size of your outside area, the degree of protection you want, and the type of parasol that goes well with it.


Parasol foundations or bases

Professional Parasol Base Manufacturer 

Professional Parasol Base Manufacturer2 

Professional Parasol Base Manufacturer3 

Professional Parasol Base Manufacturer



Parasol bases support the parasol. If somehow the climate turns terrible, a robust base maintains steadiness and stops your parasol from floating away. However, not all parasol bases are the same. They are available in many forms and masses, each tailored to individual requirements. After you've chosen, your newest parasol, double-check the product's description and see the base it works with.


For a steady parasol, apply a base weight

A table parasol typically requires a base weighing between 20 and 40 lbs for good anchorage. On the other hand, an unsupported parasol will require a more substantial base, ranging from 50 - 80 lbs based on your parasol's dimensions. Don't cut corners here! The bases for parasols may be purchased individually. If you're interested in the plinth, you can read our other articles for more help:

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