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Guidelines for Buying the Right Parasol Base

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1.The parasol base

The parasol base is indispensable to hold a parasol.  How to buy the right parasol base for your parasol among so many products. We're going to tell you about the different types and uses of the parasol and where to buy it.

2.Make sure what kind of parasol bases you need

First of all, you have to know what kind of parasol base you need.  Is it for a parasol that is going through your table or for a parasol that is not? These two kinds of parasol bases are so different. The base for the former is specially designed to be suitable for being put under the table and not to cause inconvenience for people. Besides, it is always lighter in weight whereas the base for the latter can be much heavier. The base for the latter is designed to hold the parasol perfectly.

3.Buy the parasol and base all at once

You'd better buy the parasol and the base all at once. Most bases can take a 2-6 mm pole, but there can be exceptions. Also, poles have different diameters.  If you do not know the diameter of your parasol pole, you can check here, and you will find the right base.

4.The heavier the base is, the better it holds the parasol

Remember, the heavier the base is, the better it holds the parasol. Ideally, you buy the heaviest one that you can pay for.

5.The parasol base with wheels

If you want to buy a parasol that is not going to the table, you can choose a base with wheels at the bottom which allows you to move the parasol easily without dismantling the parasol or move it with great force.

6.The last suggestion

To buy a parasol base, Chardina Outdoor Co., Ltd can be your choice. Incorporated in China, Chardina Outdoor Co., Ltd is an old brand engaged in the production of outdoor products.  We have provided high-quality products for people all over the world for more than a decade. We supply various kinds of products including parasols and parasol bases and our products can well meet the need of our customers. After years of development, we can produce a wide range of outdoor products.  Welcome to contact us and be our partner.




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