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How To Find and Choose a Parasol Manufacturer in China?

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There are myriads of parasol manufacturers across the world, but getting them manufactured in China is a better option. China is the largest manufacturing nation and exporter. The massive manufacturing capabilities need a substantial workforce and China has massive human resources.

Labor is low and so is the cost of raw materials. So, you can get parasol manufactured at really cheap rates. China has many outstanding parasol manufacturers offering cheap products without any concern about quality. The trick here is to identify reliable manufacturers offering the best quality parasol.

Determine parasol type you desire to outsource

There are different types of parasol available in varying materials, designs, and purposes. Understand the design and purpose before you go in search of a parasol manufacturer.

•A straight or non-collapsible parasol includes a handle, tub, runner, and canopy. You will find it in a variety of prints.

•Foldable parasols with 2, 3, 4, or 5 folds are available. You can fold and keep them in your handbag or the glove compartment.

Other common parasols you will find include classic, golf, beach, paper, wind-resistant, artistic, automatic, child, etc. Based on your needs you will recognize a suitable parasol manufacturer.

How to find a Parasol manufacturer in China?

You will need to find parasol manufacturers around China to prepare a list.

•Google for best parasol manufacturer in China. Type ‘China Parasol Manufacturer’ and you can get accurate results.

•Look for B2B websites that connect China manufacturers to worldwide buyers. For example, Alibaba is a great place to start. There are the Global Sources, Aliexpress, and Made in China to consider.

•Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Quora can also help you find some China parasol manufacturers. Today, the majority of Chinese manufacturers are on social channels.

•If possible visit exhibitions in China. Every year lots of trade fairs are hosted. The Canton Fair displays myriads of products. The Fair attracts thousands of exhibitors and buyers from across the world.

•Look for an experienced outsourcing agent based in China. They can handle the entire purchasing process on your behalf.

Research and narrow the list

You compiled a list of parasol manufacturers suitable to your needs or purpose. Now, do some evaluation before signing a contract with a parasol manufacturer. There will be some on the list with whom you will find less attractive to partner with. Seek their customer reviews to get an insight into how different manufacturers work.

Never depend on their marketing gigs because it is adjusted to display them as good business partners. You need to perform a detailed review. Finding answers to these questions will help when you plan to partner with the potential parasol manufacturer.

•Check if the factory is registered.

•Does the factory have a quality management system?

•Does their product fulfill your needs in terms of design, workmanship, material, design, and structure?

•Do they have a designing team how do they assemble or what is their product manufacturing capacity in a day?

•Who are their key clients?

•Are they committed to on-time delivery?

•How do they handle customer service?

•Do they cooperate in case of urgency?

•Is the packaging safe or fulfills custom needs?

•What is the minimum order they accept?

•How much discount do they give on bulk orders?

After a thorough analysis, weed out manufacturers, who fall short of your expectations.

Contact the chosen manufacturers

After you separate the weed from the grass, it is time to contact the manufacturers. It should certainly be via your country’s embassy. You get guidance from respective authorities on the parasol manufacturer in China. Only after the officials approve, you can proceed to directly contact the potential manufacturer.

Request for quotes

The list is narrowed thin as you have eliminated multiple manufacturers on the list that did not suffice your expectations. It is time to request quotes from a couple of manufacturers that top the list. When you receive the quotes from the manufacturers compare them. While reviewing the quotes things to look at are 

•Product details

•Shipping methods

•Payment terms

•Currency exchange rate

Compare the quotes and choose a potential Chinese parasol manufacturer you desire to partner with. However, keep the quote from the other manufacturer because you may need their services down the road.

It is time for price negotiation

Now you are prepared to lay the foundation for negotiations. At this stage, you must engage with the parasol manufacturers but here are some tips for successful negotiation.

•Be realistic about the upcoming order volume because overpromising order volume can bring low rates but long-term relationships are not built on deception. Start with ‘trial order’ instead of negotiation on hopes & dreams.

•Bring your business plan and growth objective onboard because the parasol manufacturer possibly wants to partner with a business having solid growth plans. It displays that you will become their more valuable customer.

•Show the parasol manufacturer what you are doing to improve the business that will bring in more sales and orders for them. If the manufacturer identifies how serious you are about business expansion then they will prioritize your orders even more.

•Hospitality from manufacturers can make you feel too friendly but remain objective. Boozing is a technique to soften importers and get orders. Celebrate a lot after signing a contract and enjoy the moment but until then stay neutral.

•Bargaining is correct but bear in mind that obtaining the lowest price will come at a cost. Bargaining extreme discounts will push the manufacturer to cut corners as they also are in the business to make profits. Therefore never bargain very hard!

•If language is an issue, then hire an independent translator, who can support you to reach clear agreements. In China, factory owners hire a young sales rep to handle foreigners. Even if the sales rep has good English skills there can be confusion or misunderstanding during the negotiation process. Therefore, to avoid communication issues hire an independent translator.

Effective negotiation will help you tap low rates but without product quality compromise and on-time order deliveries. If everything goes smoothly, then place your order and close the deal!

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