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Parasol Base - Different Types, Size, Materials, Weight, and Functions for A Sturdy Look

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Living in China, we have our fair share of hot but breezy days. Thus, when it comes to parasols or garden umbrellas, a good quality parasol base  is considered to be important.

It's crucial to get a proper parasol base that’s enough to provide good support to the parasol, but not so enormous that it gets in the way. It should keep your parasol from blowing away in the wind. Parasol bases are available in a wide range of shape, size, and weight capacities, making it simple to find one that will securely anchor your sunshade. It's also worth mentioning that different types of bases are required for garden parasols and cantilever parasols.

Different Types of Parasol Base

Ground Sleeve

Commercial grade parasols are designed to withstand high wind and require solid anchoring. Ground sleeves are the most stable type of installation since they are concreted into the ground, ensuring that even the greatest winds will not uproot them, this provides an extra layer of safety. Fitting ground sleeves provide a variety of other benefits. Ground sleeves are the cleanest base, taking up very little space below the shade.

They're anchored underwater or underground making them out of sight. This foundation leaves plenty of floor space, allowing you to get creative with the extra space. All cable wires are hidden from view with ground sleeves if you prefer a shade with additional features such as heating or lighting. These cables are set under the ground into the bottom core, eliminating the possibility of trip hazards while also maintaining neatness and tidiness.

Movable Basses

Various sites like leases from landlords or council-owned, conservation areas, and persons who live near listed buildings, would have difficulty obtaining design clearance to inset a ground sleeve. For such people, movable parasol bases are a perfect choice. The base of the movable parasol is galvanized or powder-coated steel frames with concrete slabs. This allows moving the parasols around.

Whether it's to change the layout or remove them entirely, the option to move them is available. Castors could be another way to improve quality. The bases can be lined with a decking box or some well-placed furniture.

Base Plates

The use of a base plate is the third for parasol installation. These will simply be employed if solid foundations are already in place. This should typically be a 4m to 5m square area with foundations measuring at least 15cm deep. If there's an existing ground sleeve, a 50 cm base plate is commonly secured to an existing foundation, over which a support tube is fitted and the parasol is installed.

Weight of a Parasol Base

•The heavy-duty base weights, which range in weight from 30 to 120 kg, are ideal for keeping your center pole parasol or cantilever parasol anchored. For example, larger or business parasols with a lot of wind exposure are suitable for such parasol base avoiding the risk of damage and ensuring that your umbrella doesn't get blown away.

•Smaller parasols (2-3m) can be controlled firmly with a 50kg base, but bigger parasols (3-4m+) will require a minimum of 50-70kg.

•It's critical to have enough weight in your garden parasol if it's free-standing. You'll notice that the larger parasol bases are not only heavier, but also have a greater footprint, which minimizes the chances of the garden parasol toppling over.

Two Things That Impact a Parasol Base Selection


Whether it's a small stick parasol or a large cantilever parasol, one of the most important characteristics of a parasol is its stability. For stick parasols, a lighter parasol base of granite or concrete is logical. For a cantilever sunshade, a minimum base weight of 90 kg, to 125 kg or, in some situations, 185 kg is appropriate.

Personal Choice

Some people not only think about the purpose, but they also want to buy a parasol and its base depending upon their likeness. People also go with the design, structure, and color coat. For example, granite parasol is based on terraces with a modern layout. Today the market is full of high-quality parasol bases. They are not only sturdy, durable, but also have an appealing look. It is perfect for outdoor, indoor, patio, and terrace fixing.

Tube Size for Parasol Base

Parasol poles come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 38mm to 48mm in diameter. The tubes that attach to the parasol’s highest and lowest points are usually 40mm or 58mm in diameter. Once you've purchased the parasol, double-check that the bottom tube is of the correct diameter for the pole. When inserting the parasol into the bottom tube, don't forget to tighten the bottom screw to ensure that the parasol stays in place. A parasol base should be simple to put together and secure around the umbrella's pole at all times.

Material and Color

One should know what colors and materials they require when deciding on a base for their parasol. Granite, metal, and concrete are the three common types of materials most manufacturers provide. Although the polished, durable, and extremely elegant-looking black granite parasol base can never go wrong, the grey granite parasol base variant is also a complement for some gardens or patios. The tubes are generally made of stainless steel and are powder-coated to keep them rust-free.

Filling in Parasol Base

If your parasol comes with an empty plastic base, you might fill it with water or sand, depending on how heavy you want it to be. Water is normally recommended only if you plan to relocate its position. Otherwise, it should be stuffed with sand for better stability. Plastic parasol bases have the advantage of being able to hold a variety of weights depending on what you fill them with. They are of superior quality and have simple storage. One of their disadvantages is that they are more easily shattered and have a shorter lifespan than solid ones.

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