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How to Choose a Garden Parasol


In the summer garden with nice sunshine, you may want a nice garden parasol to create a shady spot. But there are many types of parasols with different shapes and design. How to choose a garden parasol?


Read on, below are some tips to help you to get a clear idea on choosing suitable parasol for your outdoor space.



1: Type of the parasol: Need Upright or Cantilever? This is depended on the function you would need and the amount you would pay.


* Upright parasols have a central pole, using crank or push system to open and close.

*Cantilever parasols have more function; it can adjust the angle of the canopy with the location changes of the sun. The Shade spot is on the side, more free for people to walk though.


pic1  pic2


 2: Material of parasol frame: Parasol frames mainly made of 3 types of material: wood, steel and aluminum.

*Wood is more natural appearance,

*Steel has good strength and competitive price;

*Aluminum is anti-rust and can make lots of modern designs on color and logo.


3: Shape of the parasol: Round, Square or Rectangular.

4: Canopy: Choose color, color -fastness of the fabric

*Normal-quality fabric :The color could stand for 1 season,

*High quality fabric:The color could stands for 3-5 years, with higher cost

*UV Protection: Suggest choosing the fabric with UV-protection (good for skin)


5: Matched base: Please refer to the BUYING GUIDES of the base.

How to choose a correct parasol base


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