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Which material is best for umbrella (frame), Why?

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Which material is best for umbrella (frame), Why

Which material is best for umbrella (frame), Why?


High quality and big size ------ Aluminum umbrella

Nature style ----- Wood umbrella

Competitive price ----- Steel umbrella

Beach use ------ Combine material umbrella

(Pole with aluminum/wood/steel, ribs with steel wire/fiberglass)

1: Aluminum Umbrella: 

Advantage: Strong, durability, various color and shape options, luxury look and no risk of rust.

Surface can make:

(1) Powder coating (white, black, anthracite, brown…….)

(2) Wooden look coating

(3) Anodized finish.

Disadvantage: Cost is higher than steel.

Suitable for: Mid pole umbrellas, Cantilever umbrellas, commercial giant umbrellas; for middle and high market. Good choice for commercial use and private use.

Below 4 pictures from outdoor umbrella manufacturer: www.chardina.com


          Powder coating surface                        Woodlook coating surface 

01       02



        Shinny anozied surface                          Silver anodized surface

03     04

Popular color reference:



2: Wooden Umbrella: 

Advantage: Natural look, good for matching wooden outdoor furniture.

Disadvantage: Weak in strength, Long production time (need at last 5-6monthes for wood treatment from forest). Heavy in weight, cost is high.

Suitable for: Mid pole outdoor umbrellas, middle to high market.



3: Steel umbrella:

Advantage: competitive price, High strength.

Disadvantage: Need big MOQ; Surface can only be coated with powder coating; Have rust risk.

Suitable for: Small mid pole umbrellas, for middle to low market. For market which is sensitive for cost.

07 08


4: Combine material Umbrella

 Like: Pole with aluminum/wood/steel, ribs with Steel/ fiberglass

Advantage: Light, portable, price is competitive

Disadvantage: Can't make big size

Suitable for: Beach umbrellas, small portable umbrellas


       Steel pole+steel wire ribs                  Wooden pole+Fiber glass ribs

09           10 


Above are the 4 main types of mateiral for outdoor umbrellas.

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By Maggie

March. 3rd, 2023




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